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LOGAN (In Pursuit) is an unraced  thoroughbred gelding who was a winning "A" show hunter
In December of 2009 he suffered severe laminitis that abruptly ended his career.  We are indebted to Kelly Foltman, DVM, and Cornell University for helping Logan through a long and difficult recovery process.  We are also indebted to Logan himself for always being a gentleman and for clearly appreciating our love and caring.  Logan moved home from Kelly's Willowind Farm to Logan's Place in February of 2011.  He will always be a champion!!

Margot Unkel, Spring Farm Cares
"With her chiropractic skills, Dr. Foltman has accomplished some near miraculous changes, giving animals comfort as they age and aiding some of those that come to us injured to lead pain free lives."

Hi Dr Foltman,
Just wanted to send along a picture of Sam at the dressage clinic. He did amazing! Hard to believe where we started less then a year ago. Thank you for all you have done for him.

K. Henry

I just wanted to give you an update on Ginger. She is doing remarkably well after your adjustment and much TLC. It was a gradual recovery but she is clearly back to her "old" self; participating with family, walking with ease and demonstrating stronger fecal control. Most noticeable, she is actually jumping up on the couch again and nuzzling into her favorite spot : ) We are thankful for the opportunity to work with you and would highly recommend your services.
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